Kurt the Artist
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Kurt the Artist Spider Baby Hoodie
This pen and ink illustration mirrors the artists oftentimes cryptic lyrics. This 60% polyester/ 40% cotton hoodie’s graphic, completely intact down to the line thickness, exemplifies how fans and music critics alike have studied the band’s catalog and lyrical symbolism since the early 1990s. The artwork is part of the Kurt the Artist collection, a selection of the late frontman’s visual works of art. Unisex.
Kurt the Artist Kurt Don Cobain Tote Bag
Carry along a piece of art with the Spider Baby Totebag, featuring one of Kurt Cobain’s unedited illustrations from the Kurt the Artist collection. Never-before-seen works have since been compiled into the Kurt the Artist collection and printed onto items like this 100% cotton canvas totebag without alterations or resizing, allowing everyone to wear his creations. With 22” drop handles.
Kurt the Artist Beanie
Part of the Kurt the Artist collection, the Kurt beanie features the artist’s name embroidered on this 100% acrylic beanie, with no strokes or widths changed. With a fold-over cuff. Unisex.