NFL 100th Season
Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV NFL Football by Tavar Zawacki
The limited-edition artwork from Berlin artist, Tavar Zawacki, reflects his signature use of geometric shapes and color. These themes are synonymous with the iconic style of Miami. Tavar has previously collided the worlds of athletics and art when he created a mural for the U.S. Tennis Open, which also was held in Miami.
Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV NFL Football by FLUKE
This limited-edition art was created by Fluke. The Montreal artist is influenced by contemporary and street art alike, but street art is where he cemented his name. These limited-edition pieces have substituted the portraits for imagery of Miami. Although he lives in Montreal, his use of color seamlessly melts right into the Miami style.
Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV NFL Football by Peter Tunney
Peter Tunney, using his trademark style that exudes flare and attitude – just like Miami. His style speaks using visual conflict, displayed in the form of a large bold phrase stamped atop a chaotic collage in the background.