James Jean
Print ships within six weeks. Signed by the artist and numbered. Print features glossy silkscreened highlights, holographic and pearlescent enhancements, and intricately detailed dimensional chop. Print size: 23.5" tall x 18" wide. Image size: 20" tall x 15" wide. The erhu, or spike fiddle, typically has two strings, but the instrument being played here is missing a tuning spike. Perhaps the other spike was used to silence the lover, and now his hair has been strung up and resonates with a song of remorse and release. Subtle pearlescent embellishments are stamped around the figure, and her dress is dripping with silkscreened gloss. In the lower right corner, a portal opens to another time and dimension, and is highlighted with a holographic sheen. In the embossment below, the monk harmonizes with his bassoon.
Hunting Party II Vermillion
Print ships within six weeks. Signed by the artist and numbered. Holographic foil embossed chop. Print Size: 21.9″ tall × 29.5″ wide. Image size: 18.75" tall x 27.31" wide. Depicting all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac in rich detail and flowing movement, Hunting Party II tells a story of the intertwining forces of the universe. All the elements of the zodiac have joined together and are ready to embark on an eternal quest, with each animal contributing its unique essence.This vermilion colorway radiates with vitality and good fortune.