"HI3R0GLYPHS 1" Print by Efdot
HI3RØGLYPHS 1 Letterpress Print By Efdot
"HI3RØGLYPHS" is a compilation of an ongoing visual language created at Efdot over the course of 2020. The abstract line drawings have a calming effect, each unique in their character.Much like the Egyptian Heiroglyphics, each symbol is meaningful, yet also open to interpretation by the viewer.The concept started in early 2020 as a series of 8” x 8” drawings on paper. These original pieces were sold in summer of 2020 to raise money for the Social Justice organization, Color of Change. The project has generated over $15,500 in donations. Print Details: Dimensions: 18x24 - grid of 30 unique glpyhs. Paper: Arches Cover, cold-pressed 250gsm with hand-torn edges. Hand made on a letterpress printer in Manhattan, NYC by Marginal Editions.