Superplastic x Gorillaz Song Machine Band Full Set
Ships in April. FOUR TOYS. ONE VINYL BAND. The first Gorillaz FULL BAND vinyl toy set in ten years! Can’t choose your favorite? Neither can we. Add 2D, Noodle, Murdoc & Russel to your collection — complete with iconic musical accessories. Full set will ship when all 4 figures are in stock.
Ships in late March. Lil' Helpers are the latest characters to #BLESS & #CURSE the Superplastic Universe. Designed by legendary fashion-horror influencer Guggimon, these bad MFers are 1 to 1 scale, tipping the trees at over 13-inches of chaos & destruction. WARNING: Lil' Helpers lie, cheat, steal & kill. Microwaving Lil’ Helpers will cause them to multiply, resulting in crazy F%cked-up situations. 13 & 14-inches, super smooth vinyl.