Mighty Jaxx Presents: 4D XXRAY Potato Head & XXPOSED PATRICK
4D XXRAY PLUS Mr. Potato Head
4D XXRAY is back with the one and only Mr Potato Head!Do more than just insert eyes and hands into Mr Potato Head. Take the 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head apart and admire his anatomy, we bet you did not expect him to have skeletons and organs! Offering collectors the ability to assemble and disassemble the bones and organs of your favorite character quickly, its great fun with your art collectible.The 4D XXRAY series gives you the chance to interact with your collectibles like never before. Mr Potato Head was not harmed in the process of making this piece.Prototype shown, final product may vary.Product Description:7.5" ABS/PVC Art ToySome assembly requiredPowered by ForrealLimited Edition   Ships in 1-2 weeks.
Ride the Patty Wagon out of Bikini Bottom and into Mighty Jaxx! XXPOSED is back! Introducing the XXPOSED Patrick Star, the second figure in our new XXPOSED line. The XXPOSED Patrick Star features a premium cross section dissection. Made from polystone, Patrick is held together by magnets. Every organ, skeletal part, and fun object is carefully carved out of Patrick's cross section. Display as a whole or split in halves to show off the dissection, look at Patrick from a different perspective everyday. Have endless fun doing absolutely nothing with the XXPOSED Patrick Star today!   Ships in 1-2 weeks.