Santa Inoue
Iwao Soft Vinyl Figure
Ships in 2 weeks. IWAO is a character from the manga Tokyo Tribe. You can find him on Tokyo Tribe 1,2 and 3, in an animation made by MadHouse and also in the live action movie directed by Sono Sion. This toy is designed by Santa Inoue and made by Hong Kong Toy company, How2Work. Body Height: approximately 8.6 in / Width: approximately 5.7 in, Package Height: 11 in / Width: 7 in, Material: PVC.
Hasheem Plush Doll (Sanrio)
Ships in 2 weeks. Hasheem is a character from Santa Inoue's manga Tokyo Tribe 2. He has be made in many different versions by MEDICOM TOY, Monchichi, Kaws and Michael Lau. This version is a plush doll made by Sanrio. Height 10.8in x Width 7.9in, Material: Polyester. Produced by Sanrio Far East.