Monster Fluffy "Fantasia”
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. Originating from INSTINCTOY's original character "Fluffy", the furry monster evolved into the larger "Monster Fluffy". This design is characterized by its rounded design and movable arms, allowing collectors to give it expressive poses. Painted in INSTINCTOY's ever-popular "Fantasia" colorway, this Monster Fluffy also glows in the dark.
Kasing Lung x INSTINCTOY Monster Zimomo "Fantasia"
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. Monster Zimomo is a combination of Kasing Lung’s signature character “Zimomo” and INSTINCTOY’s original character “Monster Fluffy”. Immensely popular with fans and sporting a mischievous grin, we believed that Zimomo blends well with Monster Fluffy's adorable horns and furry coat. For the 1st color, we used the same colorway "Fantasia" as Monster Fluffy. This piece is also glows in the dark, making it a much coveted piece.
James Groman x INSTINCTOY KING KOROSE "Prismatic Artery"
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. KING KORPSE, which debuted in 2016, is a collaborative project between James Groman and INSTINCTOY. This figure won the 2017 Designer Toy Awards' "Toy of the Year", organised by Clutter Magazine in New York. In the newest colorway "Prismatic Artery", KING KORPSE's intricate sculpt is likened to a canvas. The rainbow gradation is expressed by inking special metallic paint onto the clear body and it spreads through KING KORPSE's arteries, further enhancing the masterpiece that it is.