Dan Life
Dan Life: Frosted Sculpture 1
Frosted Sculpture 1
Ships in 6 weeks. Artist Dan Life is starting 2021 off with a self-titled art series that aims to bring cultural interpretations to life in “diamond” form. Drawing inspiration from nostalgic anime characters of Pokemon past, the series will manifest each memory as an unearthed solid piece of natural crystal. The 7 x 7-inch frosted sculpture is rough to the touch -- a feeling reminiscent of an unpolished gemstone. The moveability of the Frosted Pika’s tail and ears help further to bring the famed cultural character to life. The Limited-edition Dan Life Frosted Pika will consist of 500 pieces globally. Each sculpture comes with custom packaging, protective foam inserts, and certificate of authenticity from the artist’s studio. The 3D work will definitely be the staple piece to your art collection.