Martian Toys
Martian Toys
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SLAVE to the SIREN: Drake Passage 6" Vinyl Art Sculpture by Mart
Oasim Karmieh x RXSe7en x Martian Toys * Slave to the Siren: Drake Passage Edition  6" Vinyl Art Piece - At the meeting of Mediterranean and Pacific, a savage parade of 40 ft waves at icy temperatures smash and swirl together.  Birthed from the froth of their churning handshake rises the fierce siren of ice coffee. SLAVE to the SIREN: DRAKE PASSAGEGuarding the southernmost point of South America to the shores of Antarctica, this icy goddess calls you to her depths. She offers the first 25 sailors that reach her a ceramic mug with rubber lid emblazoned with the image she’s burned into your retinas. The Siren rises from the depths of the Sea, singing her songs to lure sailors, pirates and hipsters to the coffee shop by the shore. If you listen now you can hear her calling your name….”Iced American for Rico! RICO!” Accompanied by her Sea Serpents this Siren stands Tall at 6inches, 8inches Wide & 3inches Deep.Slave to the Siren: Drake Passage EditionFirst 25 Receive Free Ceramic Siren Travel Mug6 inches tall & 8  inches wide of alluring vinylEncased in glorious packaging and Java JacketBundled with Venti Metal Tumbler/Metal StrawSculpted by Oasim KarmiehBased off Design by RXSe7enEdition of 150$100
"HazMAD" Mad Spraycan Mutant by x Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys
Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys Mad Spraycan Mutant "HazMAD" There’s nothing cute about the street. This Rattlin’ 8” Vinyl Mad Mutant Spraycan is here to tower over your vinyl, dominate your walls and remind you who’s boss. The Street.  Designed by legendary Jeremy Madl and made by those alien misfit toy makers, Martian Toys, get ready for a gang of grungy tough mentally disturbed Mutant Spray Cans to rattle your cage. Vinyl Figure Colorway Designed by Jeremy Madl 8” Tall 6 points of articulation 2 sets of shoes, Eraser and Vans Really RATTLES!! Ed. Of 250
HORNS: YETTI by Hands In Factory x Martian Toys
Hands in Factory  x  Martian Toys HORNS: Yetti Created by the legendary Korean design team Hands In Factory of Uptempo Lee, Jonghun Ha & RocKOON comes a buttery vinyl behemoth Produced by Martian Toys - 8 inches tall & 6.5 inches wide of hulking vinyl,  Includes 3 Accessories (Pet, Horn & Baseball Hat). Companion Pet sits on Top of the Head using magnet. 6 Points of articulation: arms, wrists, feet. Edition of 200 $150 First time HIF has collaborated with a Domestic Production company.
"Contain Yourself" - Adam K. Fujita - "Hot Melty Neon Mess"
Ships in 1 week. "CONTAIN YOURSELF" We asked Artists from around the globe to customize our 1:20 scale Shipping Containers. Adam K. Fujita "Hot Melty Neon Mess" @adamfu Each container is unique and a 1-of-a-kind piece of art. Dimensions: 16in x 10in x 9in Materials: Plastic, apoxysculpt, epoxy, poly styrene, spraypaint, acrylic, LED's and electricity. Includes plug and remote to get the radioactive glow effect!