Vintage Tees with RCNSTRCT
Mixed Sleeve Sweatshirt
Vintage gray blank with added denim, polo, flannel and vintage tee shirt fabrics on sleeve plus an added belly pocket.All crews are 1 of 1s and will be sent out as random selection
Cartoon Hood // Random Selection
Vintage black blank hoodie with added cartoon, camouflage and color fabrics from vintage tees and sweatshirts.All styles are one of ones and will be sent out as Random SelectionSize XL: Length: 25 Width: 25
Fast Track
Looney Tunes tag1995 Freeze Copyright Single Stitch Size XLLength: 28Width: 23
Tune Squad Long Sleeve
Vintage Space Jam Double Sided Long Sleeve.  Space Jam Printed Label Inside. Size M Length 27in Width 18.5in 
BYC tagNo backSingle Stitch  Size XLLength: 27Width: 22
Shadow Taz
Wild Oats tag Single Stitch Size XLLength: 26Width: 21
Plan Of Attack
Looney Tunes tagNo backSingle Stitch  Size XLLength: 30Width: 24
Screen Stars tagNo backSmall stain next to hatSingle Stitch  Size XLLength: 26Width: 21.5
Party Hard Cafe
Changes tagNo backSingle Stitch  Size XLLength: 29Width: 22
Six Flags
Vintage 1995 Looney Tunes Six Flags Tee. Single Stitch on a Six Flags Official tag.  Size XXL Length 28.5in Width 24in
Penn State
Vintage 1993 Bugs and Taz Penn State Tee. Single Stitch on an Anvil tag. Small stain in the middle of the shirt.  Size XL Length 28in Width 22in
Workout Duck
Vintage 1995 Daffy Duck Workout Tee. Garment graphics tag.  Size L Length 28in Width 20.5in 
Vintage 1994 Looney Tunes Cowboy Tee, Single Stitch.  Size XL Length 28.5in Width 21.5in