Clutter: Goonbox
CZEE13 OG Camo Freestyle
The OG Camo Freestyle is a 7" articulated art toy by the legendary street artist Czee13! The Freestyle has articulated arms like a traditional action figure and comes with multiple sculpted spray cans in his rucksack - from which dangles a miniature Canbot keychain, his face is obscured by his spray mask as he marks the world with his art. In this figure Czee13 merges the past and future of art toys into one perfect piece for this moment. The OG Camo Freestyle is hand made in resin and hand painted by the Artist, this is a super limited edition micro run of 3 pieces, with 2 available on NTWRK. Each OG Camo Freestyle is $500 and comes in a wooden Clutter Case with cut foam and COA signed by the artist.Ships in 1-2 weeks.
The Goonbox
The Goonbox is the first vinyl toy by Philly artist Chris B. Murray. Known for his illustrations and prints, his work is world renowned. This grimy little music fiend measures 7" in height and is limited to 100 pieces, with 50 pieces available on NTWRK. The Goonbox comes nestled safely in a custom designed RAP KINGS box. Included with each toy is a sticker sheet with some of GOONY'S favorite rappers & rap groups allowing you to peel and stick onto the boombox like you did back in the day! 7" Vinyl SculptureShips in 1-2 weeks.
The ASTRO 2 Foot Sludge Demon by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore
Designed by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, and produced Clutter Studios in hand roto-cast marbled resin, this 2ft x 2ft x 2ft sculpture is limited to only 10 pieces. Due to the extreme hand-made nature of these pieces, variation in color and pattern will occur from piece to piece. This ensures that each piece is unique in its own way. Ships in 6 weeks.