G.A.S Trading Cards: Elon Musk
Ships in 4 weeks. G.A.S. Trading Cards in collaboration with Phantom Cardboard proudly present the first in a series of radical and relevant trading cards dropping exclusively on NTWRK. Leading it off, The Most Interesting Man in the Solar System... Elon Musk! Blazing a trail across the worlds of banking, transportation, science, technology, and Space, Musk has attained a position in pop culture very few have ever achieved, super hero status. The real life “Tony Stark”, has in the past two decades cemented himself as one of the world’s wealthiest and most visionary entrepreneurs, with the goal of interplanetary travel and colonization within his sights. This man needs a proper Rookie Card! Paying homage to the classic Basketball Cards of the 1990s, the G.A.S. Elon Musk Rookie features the dapper magnate on the front, and the contemplative Musk on the reverse. The card will come encased in a lucite holder with the official G.A.S. sticker adhered to the top. Limited Edition Rainbow Foil and Backgrou