G.A.S Trading Card Satoshi Nakamoto
"I am Not Satoshi Nakamoto" G.A.S. Trading Card
Open edition for 24 hours on NTWRK - will not be made again. The I am not Satoshi Nakamoto Rookie Card! Who or whom is the mythic developer of Bitcoin, implementer of the Blockchain and deployer of decentralized digital currency... Who or whom has ignited a crypto revolution, acting as the catalyst for a complete paradigm shift in the way humans conduct business and pleasure... Damned if we know. Could it be this guy? When asked, he’s made it clear... I am not Satoshi Nakamoto! Paying homage to classic Japanese game cards, the I am not Satoshi Nakamoto rookie card features a possible candidate encoded with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a pseudonymous decentralized trading card manufacturer like ourselves. The card will come encased in a lucite holder with the official G.A.S. sticker adhered to the top. Ships in 4 weeks.