Rip N Dip 420
Lord Nermal Smokey Pocket Tee (Black)
Lets just say this Sometimes you need food Sometimes you need water Sometime you need to just look damn good and sexy In some new clothes And well you came to the right place so 100% gunna catch me wearing this outside 100% not gunna catch me wearing this inside 100% guaranteed to get you on a higher level 10000% yes I said it 10000% gunna smoke up in this 100% Cotton Tee Screen Printed Smokey Lord Nermal Inside Pocket Size Chart
No Smoking Grinder (Silver)
55mm diameter Metal GrinderComes in 4 Pieces with Pollen Catcher. US only shipping.
No Smoking Ash Tray (Clear)
Glass Ashtray With No Smoking Nerm Graphic Damnnnn son We just dont stop Its non stop here Just ash your feelings away bro I got you
Lord Nermal Glass Mini Rig (Blue)
Mate this is top dog stuff I mean top cat stuff This is that hide from your mom kinda stuff Guaranteed to get you litty like a kitty Get it cause they use cat litter? Custom Hand Made Lord Nermal Glass Rig RIPNDIP logo down side 9 Inches Tall Lord Nermal Figure Inside Custom Nermal Carb Cap Limited to 500 Made (WE SET ASIDE SOME JUST INCASE THERE WAS DAMAGES. WE ARE NOW RELEASING THE REST OF THE STOCK!) FOR TOBACO USE ONLY MUST OVER 21+ years of age to purchase AGE VERIFICATION AT CHECKOUT