The Hundreds
The Hundreds Greatest Hits
Ep.7 Sticker Pack
A very rare collection of legendary stickers that were thought to be long-gone until we found a secret stash recently. They've been maintained in perfect condition and are ready to totally defile. the shell of that bright, shiny Macbook you have. From TYBG to the iconic Hook-Ups collab, these are some of the most sought-after stickers in The Hundreds history. 2003-2020 Deadstock
Pitbull T-Shirt
Size: L - This may look familiar to you if you paid attention to our Back To The Hundreds II collab a little while back, but this is the original. Way back when, before we even linked up with Back To The Future, and Bobby was just referencing his favorite movies for the love of the game. The Pitbull logo is found in Back To The Future Part II, when Griff is chasing down Marty on his hoverboard in the future. After the regular hoverboards wouldn't cut it, Griff pulled out his decked out super-powered version, called The Pitbull and featuring one of the more badass logos ever created. Hence, why we wanted to rip it back then, and today.
Hollyhood T-Shirt
Size: XL - A collaboration with our friend Jupiter from Undefeated, who's now in charge of special projects at a company called Nike. At the time, he was working on a brand called Speed Wobbles, for which this was the only shirt that ever dropped. The original SW in streetwear, don't miss out on this rare gem.
Styles T-Shirt
Size: M - A rip of the posters you see in barber shops where you select the cut you want, this graphic depicted Adam Bomb in all of the different styles you might find in The Hundreds crew. Bobby wanted to show how many different subcultures were in The Hundreds family and how you could tell them apart by their hairstyle.
Tabs T-Shirt
Size: M - A reference to Bobby's addiction to Red Bull and pulling all-nighters in the early days of the brand, the Red Eye graphic also taps into his fascination with people who collect the tabs from cans of soda or beer (or Red Bull). Bobby cut up a bunch of tabs so they read "The Hundreds" and then flipped the Red Bull logo so it had nocturnal bats instead of bulls. Like the energy drink, this shirt has wiiiings and and will definitely fly off the shelves so donÕt sleep on this vintage classic.
Black Lines T-Shirt
Size: L - "Drawing Black Lines" is a saying used throughout the brand history of The Hundreds that defines the difference between us and them.
Supermax Coaches Jacket
Size: XL - Back in 2010, we collaborated with Supermax to create a Los Angeles Gangster/Prison Art style collection.
Steve Nazar TNC Surf T-Shirt
Size: M - For our Summer 2009 range of t-shirts, we worked with artist Steve Nazar to formulate The Hundreds' own cast of characters in the vein of his ever-popular T&C Surf cartoon figures from the 1980s. The twist being that I had Nazar personalize the characters around different staff persona here at TH. Aaaaaand of course, I didn't really consult with any of the guys before Steve and I ventured forth with the caricaturized depictions. I'm sure the guys don't mind...hmm..
Panda T-Shirt
Size: M - A classic design for The Hundreds Archive.
Garfield Big Deal T-Shirt
Size: XXL - From the first time we collaborated with Jim Davis' Garfield comic in 2010, this shirt focuses on the earliest iteration of our feline friend from 1979, before he shapeshifted into the Garfield you know and love today. Bobby wanted to highlight the chubby classic Garfield and his famous catchphrase, and now you can bring it into your personal collection and wear it to work every Monday.
Garbage Pail Adam
Size: XXL - Originally created as a spin-off of Topp's Wacky Packages in 1985, Garbage Pail Kids quickly skyrocketed into everyone's childhood memories through trading cards, stickers, and key chains alike. This is the first collaboration in Garbage Pail Kids' 26-year history of creating disgustingly hilarious and outrageous characters. The The Hundreds x Garbage Pail Kids series consists of five special edition characters; a proud addition to over two-dozen series created over the decades of GPK. The GPK Adam Tee consists of the signature character with an exploding head, and cracks in the ground that spells out The Hundreds.
Black Lines T-Shirt
Size: L - "Drawing Black Lines" is a saying used throughout the brand history of The Hundreds that defines the difference between us and them.