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Q & A Print
This contact sheet was taken by Eddie Otchere in 1999,  during Iverson's trip to London for an exhibition.  Eddies ability to capture not only the subject, but the tone and texture,  pulls you right in as if you were right there with them.  Printed in London on Archival Photo Paper 24x30 Signed Edition of 50 PRE-ORDER PRODUCT SHIPS IN 4-5 WEEKS
A.I.3 Hoode (Concrete)
Iverson, also known as The Answer, also known as A.I., wore the number 3 on his Jersey during the prime of his career in Philadelphia. A.I. is considered pound for pound one of the best players to ever step on the court. listed at 6ft, was actually closer to 5"10'. Considering his size, was one of the most skilled scorers of all-time. Shooters shoot. Shoot First, and Process Later. the 3 images taken by Eddie Otchere captured a.i. in that process. Screen Printed on 100% CottonCustom Pigment Dyed HoodiesMade in USA PRE-ORDER PRODUCT SHIPS IN 4-5 WEEKS
Ball is Life Tee (Blacktop)
Portraits of The Answer's film negative, by Eddie Otchere, peering through the ball.  In his early years, the league often viewed Iverson as a negative presence.  His braids, tattoos, baggy shorts, and his swagger, was viewed as a threat to  the integrity of the League.  A dress code was implemented by the NBA solely due to Iverson's perceived "Thug" appearance. In retrospect, and going full circle as the ball in this design depicts,  Iverson paved the foundation of individuality in the NBA, and ushered in the culture we see in the league today.   Screen Printed on 100% Cotton Custom Pigment Dyed Tees  Made in USA PRE-ORDER PRODUCT SHIPS IN 4-5 WEEKS
Practice Tee (Concrete)
"We talking about practice. Not a game. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it's my last. Not the game. We talking about practice, man." Often quoted but misunderstood.  What the media tried to paint, was a picture of Iverson not dedicated, being selfish,  and unwilling to attend team meetings and skipping practice.  But to the contrary, people around the league will  quickly state that he worked harder than anyone and put it all out  on the court every time he picked up the ball.  The connected dots on the design reflects footwork and dribble drills in practice.  While the three stacked images shows elevation and leveling up thru practice.  The infamous quote in full context,  was his dear childhood friend had lost his life earlier in the season,  and was simply a statement that there are things in life that are more important than a game.  Screen Printed on 100% Cotton Custom Pigment Dyed Tees  Made in USA PRE-ORDER PRODUCT SHIPS IN 4-5 WEEKS
The Icon Hoodie (Blacktop)
Iverson's influence is undeniable.  His style and swagger alone ushered in the street culture of the NBA seen today.  More importantly, his accolades is where he earned the Icon title. 11-time All-Star 2-time All-Star MVP 4-time NBA scoring champion 7-time All-NBA  2000-2001 League MVP 2000-2001 Eastern Conference Champion and deservingly, was inducted in Hall of Fame 2016.  The photo on the back perfectly captures Iverson's Vibe. Taken by Eddie Otchere.  Screen Printed on 100% Cotton Custom Pigment Dyed Hoodies Made in USA PRE-ORDER PRODUCT SHIPS IN 4-5 WEEKS