Gio Ponti First Edition TASCHEN
Gio Ponti First Edition
Experience the boundless vision of one of the greatest architects, designers, and art directors of the 20th century. Shaped in close collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives and its founder Salvatore Licitra, Gio Ponti is an immersive book scaled to his kaleidoscopic universe. An unprecedented tribute to Ponti’s achievements as ingenious publisher as well as timeless creator, the images and texts of this compelling XXL rendition draw its reader closer to his work than ever before.1,000 copies in the US, numbered first edition (101-5000). 572 pages, 12.48 lbs, 14.2 x 14.2.    Ships in 3-4 weeks.
Gio Ponti Art Edition
TASCHEN has the ultimate piece just for you. Limited to just 1,000 units, the Gio Ponti Art Edition comes with the aforementioned book, as well as a reproduction of Ponti’s “Arlecchino” lattice coffee table, which is regarded as one of his most important designs.Gio Ponti was a true renaissance man and arguably the most important figure in 20th century Italian architecture and design.He was an architect, designer, publisher, entrepreneur, teacher and more who was incredibly prolific for 60 years. He passed away 40 years ago but his work continues to inspire, and he continues to be a reference for architects, designers, and artists around the world.This book sheds light on how incredibly influential he was in terms of putting Italian design on the map. This showcases his amazing body of work in super comprehensive detail. Covers 136 projects in super high resolution including his most famous, the Pirelli Tower in Milan, and the Villa Planchart in Venezuela, but also lesser known projects.     Ships in August.