G.A.S. Trading Cards + IHC RESERVE
The G.A.S. x IHC All-Star Chef Set
IHC is Cookin’ with G.A.S.!!G.A.S. Inc. is proud to team up with IHC and their All Star lineup of chefs for the very first G.A.S. Supplemental Trading Card Set… The G.A.S. x IHC All Star Chef Set. The complete ten card set will be available exclusively on the NTWRK app, May 20th beginning at 1pm PST for 24 hours ONLY!This ten card set features some of the most radical and relevant chefs working today, including: Dave Beran; Jeremy Fox; Kim Prince; Christy Vega; Steve Samson; Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger; The Lopez Family; Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo; Caroline Styne and Suzanne Goin; and the BADMAASH BROS.Inspired by non traditional sports card sets of the early 1990s, The G.A.S. x IHC All Star Chef Set will ONLY be sold as a complete ten card set. There will be no chase cards, no variants, you will receive the entire set… soup to nuts.This is a Pre-Order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Notes on Condition: This being a paper product, there are occasional situations inherent in the production process which can tilt and cause cards to be cut a bit off center. There is  nothing we can do about that situation as it’s beyond our control. It’s like opening a pack of cards, there will always be some condition issues. Similarly, whiteness on the edges of these cards are due primarily to the darker colored borders he have chosen for the cards. Historically, darker colored borders have these issues, as the cut reveals the white paper underneath. Had we chosen a white borders for the card there would be no issue, but then the card would not be true to our design or concept. This being said, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality trading cards we can. Thank you for your support!