The Hundreds
The Hundreds Greatest Hits
Simple Adam T-Shirt
Size: S - A warm toned gradient take on our icon Adam Bomb character. Release date: 2008 - Condition: 6/10
Cop T-Shirt
Size: XL - The Hundreds has had a pretty colorful history and tense relationship with law enforcement, that’s resulted in a number of t-shirts that call out the police or at the least, question their integrity. Maybe the first and best known of these was “Cop,” featuring an early 20th-century photograph of corrupt LAPD police chief James E. Davis. The back reads “Who will police the police?”Release Date: 2013 - Condition: Deadstock
Venture T-Shirt
Size: M - The Hundreds is like your favorite Venture Skateboard Trucks: worn in, reliable, and tough to get back from your friends that borrow them. So, it was only right we joined forces with the legendary skate company, who is still truckin til this day. Grab this certified classic collab today and add it to your vintage The Hundreds collection. Release Date: 2007-2009 - Condition: 9/10
Ice Cream Boy T-Shirt
Size: L - A take on our love for Thrifty’s Ice Cream, where we switched out a scoop of ice cream with our bomb iconography. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: Deadstock
Handsome Boy T-Shirt
Size: M - A play on an inside joke out of our original Wall Street warehouse in DTLA, where we coined out staff as ‘Handsome Boy Shipping’. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: Deadstock
Random Acts T-Shirt
Size: XXL - The graphics design representing how peaceful existence can be intersected with the forces of nature or violence from others. Release Date: 2006 - Condition: Deadstock
Crow T-Shirt
Size: S - Maybe don't find yourself someone who looks at you like this crow is looking at Adam Bomb. Could end badly. This is a rip of World War I cartoons that Walt Disney illustrated for the United States military during a time where Mickey Mouse Inc was heavily involved in a lot of racist propaganda and was housing military operations at their studio in Burbank, California. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: 9/10
Public Label Zip-Up Coat
Size: XXL - It might seem strange to think of understated apparel that falls in line with “basics” as a rebellious take on fashion. But particularly in streetwear, having a muted, minimalist aesthetic often becomes a counter-response to all the noise of loud graphics and logo hits. If it’s en vogue to stand out, those interested in disrupting the style status quo will react like a wallflower would: Staying subtly under the radar, effortless—favoring function, utility, and classic silhouettes. This is was the philosophy behind The Hundreds Public Label. Release Date: 2010 - Condition: 7/10
Post St. T-Shirt
Size: L - The first time it's available online, this T-shirt was made to celebrate the opening of The Hundreds San Francisco at the corner of Post & Taylor, where the store stood for a decade before closing in 2018. The shirt was somewhat overlooked on opening day because The Hundreds also dropped a collaboration with Hieroglyphics the same day. But now it's getting its shine, so don't sleep on it a second time. Release Date: 2008 - Condition: 8/10
Drama T-Shirt
Size: XL - A rip on the classic theater motif of comedy and tragedy, our take on the iconic lockup features double tragedy because we're some sadbois, ok? This T-shirt was designed by Maxx 242 and was featured in one of our 2007 seasonal collections and the design has stood the test of time. Matter of fact, nevermind, I'm copping this one, sorry. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: 8/10
Lost Boys T-Shirt
Size: M - A bootleg The Hundreds X Disney piece, this shirt was the precursor to an actual collaboration between Ben, Bobby, and Mickey. The Hundreds and Disney eventually collaborated on The Lost Boys collection, focusing on the ragtag bunch from Neverland that served as such a great metaphor for The Hundreds crew. But this is where the idea started. The Lost Boys T-Shirt features single color silhouettes of all the Lost Boys on the back and a swashbuckling character on the front, paired with our slogan "We are the Music Makers, We are the Dreamers of Dreams." Release Date: 2007-2009 - Condition: 6/10
Upset The Setup T-Shirt
Size: L - A phrase that frequents The Hundreds graphics throughout the years. When flipped, the phrase "Setup the Upset" works just the same. It's a call to disrupt the norm and challenge the system. Release Date: 2013-2015 - Condition: 7/10
Ep. 8 Sticker Pack
A very rare collection of legendary stickers that were thought to be long-gone until we found a secret stash recently. They've been maintained in perfect condition and are ready to totally defile. the shell of that bright, shiny Macbook you have. From TYBG to the iconic Hook-Ups collab, these are some of the most sought-after stickers in The Hundreds history. Release Date: 2003-2020 Deadstock