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Look I Bought Plants
Let's face it, adulthood is rough. From career struggles to astronomical student debt to climate change angst, there's a lot to worry about. LOOK I BOUGHT PLANTS: AND OTHER POEMS ABOUT LIFE AND STUFF distills the millennial experience into over 200 short and funny poems, dreamt up by two twenty-somethings who love jokes and sex, in that order. From silly slices of life to R-rated encounters, Garron and Victor's irreverent and cheeky poems touch on daily life, friendship, dating, and everything else there is to worry about. For the millennial trying to put together their IKEA furniture, your cool niece with the septum piercing, or anyone who has ever dated someone in their head, LOOK I BOUGHT PLANTS is a hilarious reminder that you aren't alone and we can all commiserate. Ships in 4 weeks