G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TR Multiband
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G-SHOCK Multiband GMWB5000TR-9
A full metal square design built with a newly developed titanium alloy.Introducing the GMWB5000, a symbol of toughness that retains the DNA of the first-ever G-SHOCK, but now in a full metal exterior complemented by innovative CMF design in colour, material, and finish. A totally original look is created by combining a new titanium alloy invented just for G-SHOCK, multicolour IP, and a fully mirror-finished surface. Truth to origin and constant innovation drive the never-ending advancement of the G-SHOCK brand.New, extra-hard titanium alloy combines strength and beautySuper-TIX20AFG, a new titanium alloy in the TranTixxii® brand line, was jointly developed over a six-year period by Casio and Nippon Steel Corporation for the G-SHOCK line. About twice as hard as pure titanium, this new metal provides for an extremely smooth and flat-polished surface. In addition to titanium’s lightweight and anticorrosive properties, the new alloy adds the advantages of hardness and aesthetic beauty — moving forward in a way that befits the G-SHOCK brand.Full metal construction adornedwith multicolour IPA special ion plating process bedecks the titanium material in five colours: gold, dark grey, light grey, blue, and red. Different colours are applied to different parts, including the case, band pieces and buttons, infusing the metal with a pop feel of playfulness.The extra-hard titanium alloy makes possible a mirror finish comparable to stainless steel on titanium, which is typically difficult to process in this way. The result is the first G-SHOCK with mirror-finish titanium, emphasizing metallic lustre and accentuated with a beautiful colour scheme in multicolour IP.Ships within 2 weeks.