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Roach Coach T-Shirt
Size: M - Food trucks have become trendy outlet’s for a chef’s passion project, they used to be based around cheap eats as necessity. Before the Kogi Truck changed the LA food truck scene, these mobile whole-in-the-wall food operations provided cheap greasy eats for workers and hustlers alike. Many late night runs to the ‘Roach Coaches’ fueled the early days of The Hundreds when the operations were run out of Ben and Bobby’s apartments. Release Date: 2007-2009 - Condition: Deadstock
Pier Slant T-Shirt
Size: XXL - A Santa Monica Store-Exclusive graphic from 2011 featuring the world famous pier. This was also a huge transition point for the brand where we started developing our Slant Logo as a mainstay throughout our designs. Release Date: 2011 - Condition: 8/10
Crooks 5 Year T-Shirt
Size: XL - This Tee dropped as a part of a 5-year anniversary where we collaborated with five of our great friends who also ran streetwear/skate brands: King Stampede, Crooks & Castles, 10 Deep, Deadline, and Diamond. Release Date: 2008 - Condition: 9/10
Digital Landscaping T-Shirt
Size: L - There isn't a ton of history behind this graphic, but those are some of the best ones in our brand's storied history. Just quick, random designs by Bobby Hundreds that have stood the test of time. Clean, classic, California culture. Featuring a full back hit and identical pocket hit on the front, this T-shirt deserves a spot in your permanent rotation so do the right thing and bring it home today. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: Deadstock
Hard Knock T-Shirt
Size: XL - A mash between the well known Jay-Z phrase ‘Hard Knock Life’ that can be traced back all the way to the original Annie 1977 musical production with the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. Release Date: 2005 - Condition: 7/10
Neon Adam T-Shirt
Size: M - Neon lights cover the Los Angeles streets at night. This take on Adam Bomb brings him back with the effect of neon piping shining in the streets. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: 8/10
California Culture T-Shirt
Size: XL - This mainstay t-shirt shares explains what we are about at The Hundreds: California Culture. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: 8/10
Blame Takers T-Shirt
Size: L - One of a few team names created in a series with a panda as the mascot. Another team was known as the Bridgeburners. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: 8/10
Adam Letterman Jacket
Size: XL - Classic take on a varsity jacket with premium leather and applications, featuring our favorite character Adam Bomb. Release Date: 2009-2013 - Condition: 8/10
Hipster T-Shirt
Size: L - Bobby's rendition of what hipsters looked like to him literally a decade ago! Release Date: 2011 - Condition: Deadstock
Sticker Pack - Ep. 9
A very rare collection of legendary stickers that were thought to be long-gone until we found a secret stash recently. They've been maintained in perfect condition and are ready to totally defile. the shell of that bright, shiny Macbook you have. From TYBG to the iconic Hook-Ups collab, these are some of the most sought-after stickers in The Hundreds history.