The Hundreds
The Hundreds Greatest Hits
Wildfire Flag
The spirit of the Wildfire flag is about how one person’s idea can spread with the help of a community. The logo itself is derived from the Los Angeles flag, but incorporates the lines from our signature JAGS pattern. If you remove the center panel, the two endpieces fit like a puzzle into a perfect square—or, a box. The overall impression is that the box has been ripped in half. It’s a metaphor for coloring outside the lines and thinking outside the box. Release Date: 2016 Condition: 9/10
Magazine Pack
For those of you that have been around The Hundreds for a while, you know that you didn't always have to read The Hundreds Blog on your phone or computer. A few times a year, you could also snag a physical copy by way of The Hundreds Magazine. Filled with exclusive editorial, sneak peeks of future seasonal collections, and beatiful photography, The Hundreds Magazine was both ahead of its time and a throwback to thick, gorgeous, print projects of the past. Release Date: 2003-2013 Condition: 8/10
X-Large T-Shirt
Size: L - In 1991, Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman opened the iconic X-Large store in LA, reinforced with California workwear and outwardly affiliated with the Beastie Boys. Their “OG Gorilla” became emblematic of not just the local Streetwear brand, but a vibrant period of ’90s West Coast street culture. So much so, that when we collaborated with X-Large in the mid-2000s, it was imperative that we designed a T-shirt involving monkeys. Release Date: 2009 Condition: 7/10
Hook-ups T-Shirt
Size: S - We’re all ’90s kids here, we were around and in love with Hook-Ups back in the heyday of baggy-jeans skateboarding. The anime and manga themes of Jeremy Klein’s novelty, niche brand were unmatched – while the other players’ art obsessed over graffiti characters and rave-isms. What really drove Hook-Ups over the top was the quirky advertising ploys, like the Ming Tran vs. Jeremy Klein pictorials of her helicopter-kicking him in Chinatown. Just seemed like such a no-brainer to get here that I’m pretty surprised it didn’t happen sooner. I think we all figured that it could, or would, never happen. It was just that big of a pipe dream. But Jeremy Klein was down, wholeheartedly. Believe it or not, this is the first time Hook-Ups has ever collaborated on anything with anyone. So, this collection was a double honor. Release Date: 2013 Condition: 6/10
Brknhome Zip-up Hoodie
Size: XXL - Collab with Canadian Sneaker Shop Livestock and streetwear brand brknhome. Release Date: 2007 Condition: Deadstock
Styles T-Shirt
Size: M - A rip of the posters you see in barber shops where you select the cut you want, this graphic depicted Adam Bomb in all of the different styles you might find in The Hundreds crew. Bobby wanted to show how many different subcultures were in The Hundreds family and how you could tell them apart by their hairstyle. Release Date: 2009-2013 Condition: 8/10
Bones T-Shirt
Size: L - The first heavy metal-themed graphic Bobby ever designed for The Hundreds, this piece came at a time when streetwear was heavily focused on hip-hop. Ahead of the curve as usual, metal became the aesthetic du jour in streetwear less than a decade later after Kanye's Yeezus merch co-opted fonts made famous by the likes of Black Sabbath, Pantera, and more. Get the original now. Release Date: 2006 Condition: Deadstock
Listen to The Hundreds T-Shirt
Size: XL - A flip on the phrase "Listen to Hip Hop". Hip Hop is the genre with a good deal of influence in the streetwear world. Release Date: 2010 Condition: 7/10
Liberty T-Shirt
Size: XL - A store exclusive for our shop in New York (GRND). Never before sold online! Release Date: 2010 Condition: 8/10
Security T-Shirt
Size: L - A social commentary on the price of security vs. our freedom.   Release Date: 2009-2013 Condition: 9/10
13th Witness T-Shirt
Size: M - Collaborative t-shirt with famous photographer 13th Witness. The photographer joined us back in 2014 for a Streetmeet going around NY and shooting pics with fellow The Hundreds fans! Release Date: 2009-2013 Condition: 8/10
Sticker Pack - Ep. 10
A very rare collection of legendary stickers that were thought to be long-gone until we found a secret stash recently. They've been maintained in perfect condition and are ready to totally defile. the shell of that bright, shiny Macbook you have. From TYBG to the iconic Hook-Ups collab, these are some of the most sought-after stickers in The Hundreds history.