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2022 Panini Prizm UFC Hobby Pack
Product Summary: - Prizm UFC returns with a plethora of Prizm parallels! Look for 2 autographs and 22 Prizm parallels per box, on average! - Find the returning Champion Signatures that features UFC’s champions showing off their UFC gold! - Collect a roster of stellar rookies appearing in their first officially licensed UFC trading cards! - Look for new insert sets in Bonus Machines and Prizm Flashback! - New in 2022 - Chase down new unique Prizm parallels in Ruby Wave, Hyper and Ice! Inside The Box: - 2 autographs - 22 prizm parallels Product Configuration: - 12 cards per pack - 12 packs per box Product Details: Look for an abundance of colorful Prizm parallels that feature the best UFC fighters of yesterday, today and tomorrow! Chase UFC’s top titleists in this exclusive autograph insert! Look for a slew of new signers debuting their ink in 2022 Prizm UFC! Acquire autographs from some of the greatest fighters ever to grace the Octagon! Find a roster of compelling inserts, including the return of the ultra-rare Color Blast!
2022 Panini Donruss UFC Hobby Pack
Product Summary: Donruss UFC debuts with a slew of stunning and unique content! Look for 1 Autograph, 1 Memorabilia and 60 Inserts/Parallels per box, on average! Look for the first ever UFC Rated Rookie Signatures! Chase down autographs of the best new fighters to grace the Octagon! Find a variety of beautiful Laser parallels limited to as few as one copy! Voices of the Octagon debuts in Donruss, and features some of UFC’s most well-known personalities! Look for rare autograph parallels! Collect a plethora of inserts, including the popular Retro Series, Crunch Time and Octagon Marvels! Inside The Box: 1 Autograph1 Memorabilia60 Inserts/Parallels Product Configuration: 30 cards per pack 10 packs per box Product Details: Base & ParallelsLook for an abundance of Laser parallels! Collect the top stars, rookies and personalities of UFC! InsertsFind a variety of stellar inserts which highlight UFC’s best and brightest talents! AutographsChase down autographs from the best and brightest stars of UFC! Look for 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia card per Hobby box!
2022 Panini Donruss Diamond Kings Baseball Hobby Pack
PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS- 2022 Diamond Kings strikes the perfect blend of content from baseball’s legends and today’s superstars to deliver a product suitable for all collectors!- Find autographs paired with swatches of memorabilia from this year’s strong rookie class in DK Material Signatures- Look for memorabilia from some of baseball’s greatest players in Bat Kings, Jersey Kings and Portrait Materials- Hunt for ultra-rare inserts like Blank Slate, Aurora, the new Le Cinque Piu Belle and more!- Look for 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia card per box, on average BOX BREAK:- 1 Autograph- 1 Memorabilia Card- 2 Gray Framed Parallels- 1 Plum Framed Parallel
2021/22 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Pack
PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS- A familiar brand to the basketball community, Revolution makes its return for another season offering collectors a variety of autographs, parallels, and inserts to chase!- Chase after randomly inserted autographs from the top Superstars, Legends, and 2021 NBA Rookies!- Each Hobby box includes 4 inserts! Look for the brand new super short-printed Star Factor and Prime Time Performers inserts randomly inserted!- Find 8 Parallels per box from a variety of parallels such as Astro, Groove, Fractal, Impact (#’d/149), Cosmic (#’d/99), NBA 75th Anniversary (#’d/75), Sunburst (#’d/60), Cubic (#’d/50), Lava (#’d/10), and Galactic! BOX BREAK- 4 Rookies- 4 Inserts- 8 Parallels
2021/22 Leaf Metal Basketball Hobby Box
Leaf Is Pleased To Announce Its Triumphant Return To The Basketball Space With A Stunning New Release, 2021-2022 Leaf Metal Basketball. This Release Presents A Ridiculously Strong Checklist Of Recent Draft Picks, Upcoming Draft Picks For 2022 And A Crazy Selection Of College And High School Basketball Super Prospects! In Addition To This Crazy Powerful Rookie Content, Leaf Is Excited To Add Autographs Of Stephen Curry And Giannis Antetokounmpo!
2021-22 Panini Donruss Basketball Cello Pack
30 cards per pack look for rated rookie signature autos
2021/22 Topps Bundesliga Soccer Hobby Pack
A lot of different Base Cards and Inserts are waiting to be found. With a bit of searching, you may find desirable Parallels from 6 different Inserts. Some of those Inserts also include limited autograph versions. Can you find Alphonso Davies and his FOREIGN BUNDESLIGA SENSATION insert, with his original Autograph? There are also many Stars with autographed Base cards to discover (1 guaranteed in every 5 boxes). Get all 200 base cards, 45 base card autograph variations, and 100 insert cards, including Future Stars, Defense Fortresses, Team Captains, Foreign Bundesliga Sensations, Golden Generation, and Record Breakers. PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE CARDS: BASE SET: - Featuring 180 top players from the 2021/22 Bundesliga season, plus 10 special duo cards, and 10 special Moments from Season 2020/21. - Sparkle Foil Parallel: 1:2 Packs- Aqua Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 199.- Fuchsia Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 125.- Blue Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 99.- Silver Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 75.- Gold Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 50.- Orange Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 25.- Black Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 10.- Red Foilboard Parallel: sequentially #'d to 5 .- FoilFractor Parallel: #'d 1-of-1. AUTOGRAPHS: Watch out for 45 limited Base Card Autograph Variations. 1 guaranteed in every 5 boxes: - Gold Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25.- Black Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 10.- Red Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5.- FoilFractor Parallel: numbered 1/1. INSERT CARDS: Future Stars: - Featuring 18 of the hottest young stars in the Bundesliga. 1:6 packs - Gold Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 50.- Orange Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25.- Red Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5.- FoilFractor Parallel: numbered 1/1.- Printing Plates: numbered 1/1. Autograph Foilboard Parallel of 10 players: limited - FoilFractor Autograph Parallel: numbered 1/1. Defense Fortresses: - Featurin
2021 Mosaic Quickpitch Hobby Pack
8 cards per pack. 18 packs per box. Look for 1 autograph, 1 Silver Prizm, 10 Mosaic Quick Pitch Silver Parallels, and 1 Rookie Variations Quick Pitch per box on average.
2019-20 Hoops Premium Stock Cello Pack
look for ja morant and zion rookies
2020-21 Panini Mosaic Basketball Hobby Pack Tmall Edition
look for red and gold waVES
2020/21 Panini Select Basketball Tmall Edition Pack