DesignerCon #1
La Flamme 8" Dunny by Junko Mizuno - DCON Exclusive Ice Edition
Kidrobot is excited to introduce the exclusive "La Flamme" 8-inch Dunny by Junko Mizuno in this stunning ice version exclusive to DCON.  Junko has worked with Kidrobot on a number of projects throughout the years and tried something different with this 8" Dunny in which she used the figure as a canvas instead of creating a Bunny character.  The tattoo-like graphics come together to tell a story in which a scene comes alive with the characters and items that often appear in Junko's artwork. 
The Mad Titan - Galaxy Edition
The stars are vast and infinite… just like his power! Make some space in your cosmic collection for The Mad Titan Galaxy Edition Designer Toy by artist Joe DellaGatta. This Thanos variant figure features a deep purple complexion and a glittering effect as mesmerizing as the Infinity Stones themselves. Height: 7" (177.8 mm)
T’Challa – Vibranium Edition
Black Panther’s kingly decree: good vibes only. The silver T’Challa Vibranium Edition Designer Toy by artist Tracy Tubera is rocking the kicks and kinetic energy to defend Wakanda in style. Height: 9.9" (251.46 mm)
Hello Kitty 9" Art Figure by Candie Bolton - DCON Exclusive
Kidrobot and Sanrio bring fans more Hello Kitty from artist Candie Bolton with this limited edition 9-inch Hello Kitty vinyl figure designed by Candie. The Hello Kitty Art Figure designs by Candie Bolton represents the emotional and uncertain time of transition into adulthood.
Santa Muerte 8" Dunny by Stephanie Buscema - DCON Exclusive
Warning off bad omens and protecting against negative magic, La Santa Muerte Dunny stands at the gate that welcomes those to the world beyond our own. Honoring the cultural deliverance of followers to the afterlife, Sante Muerte’s sunken Dunny skeleton bears nothing but one color with stars. Draped in black symbolizing strength to break hexes and dark magic, this 8” Dunny by artist, Stephanie Bucsema brings healing to any Dunny devotee.
Spiritus Dea Bastet 3" Dunny by Candie Bolton - DCON Exclusive
Spiritus Dea – “spirit of the goddess” in Latin – marks the second Dunny mini-series to feature all-female artists. Each artist channels a specific goddess into the Dunny form, spanning vastly different cultures, times and theologies… all with one common calling: the rebirth of justice. Worshipped for both creation and destruction, protection and war, chaos and fate, and even life and death, the goddesses in Spiritus Dea maintain essential roles within the greater celestial world.
Ghostbear 'Unruly Variant' Designer Toy (MunkyKing)
Based on the character created for a four panel web comic by Luke Chueh. Ghostbear explores themes of life, death, and lactose intolerance. MATERIAL: Soft Vinyl. HEIGHT: 2.5 inches tall.