Lord Nermal Vinyl Figure
14 inch Lord Nermal Vinyl Figure Only 500 made! 1 Per Customer Thats right baby We got ourselves a toy figure Been waiting on this to drop For months Very legit Very nice Very very much need in your life
Kaleidoscopic Nerm Hoodie (Brown/Black)
100% Cats are wild 100% Kaleidoscopes are wild too 100% when you put both together 100% this is what you get 100% sickness We are now 600% full of sickness So please Stay sick and cop this Very rare 100% Cotton Custom Cut N Sew Color Block Hoodie Embroidered Kaleidoscopic Nerm Graphic On Front And Back
Nerm Anatomy Full Zip Hoodie (White/Red)
Full Zip Custom Lord Nermal Anatomy Hoodie 100% Cotton This jackets zipz all the way up Hide your face from those Covid babies Halloween might be cancelled but this jacket IS NOT! Did you know cats can jump up to six times their length? Jacket is sick Fits like a glove
Nerm Anatomy Tee (Red/Black)
You aint finding dyed shirts like this Not this good Not this nice But let me tell you this Some cats can swim Its like a cats tongue  100% Cotton Custom Cut N Sewn Tie Dye Tee
Splash Tee (Black)
Despite popular belief Many cats are lactose Intolerant, go figure 100% Cotton Custom Cut N Sewn Ripndip Tee