Pocket Pebble 'Poke' set
Ships within 1 week. The Pocket Pebble is the newest and most compact product from OTHERWARE - a collaboration between Pentatonic, the world’s leading circular economy company, and i am OTHER, the creative collective founded by Pharrell Williams. The new case’s volume has been reduced by 45% through a flatter and slimmer design than its predecessors, making it easily slide into a pocket. Designed to hold fewer utensils for more space efficiency, users will have the option of a knife/fork/straw configuration, or a chopsticks/spoon/straw option, resulting in an overall 36% weight reduction versus the original Pebble. Created from CDs and food packaging which were destined for waste, the Pebble nods to the collaboration’s musical foots and the global abundance of single-use waste.