Unbox Industries
Will Sweeny Witch Doktor
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. Will Sweeney is a London based Illustrator and graphic artist specialising in comics, clothing graphics, animated videos and music packaging. He has collaborated and worked with a variety of labels/bands/TV shows & publications including Stüssy, Undercover, Porter, Stella McCartney, Marvel and Rick & Morty. Will has exhibited his work in galleries around the world and in 2010 his ‘The Parachute Ending’ music video for Birdy Nam Nam was selected for display at New York’s Guggenheim Museum. WITCH DOKTOR is the second collaborative project with FERN TOYS & manufactured by Unbox Industries. Size: 25cm Tall. Articulation: 4 points. Materials: Soft Vinyl.
Taku Obata Sofb-Boy Raw Edition (GID)
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. Born in 1980 in Saitama, Japan, where he is currently based. Taku Obata has drawn upon one of the vital elements of Hip Hop culture and channelled it into truly breath-taking figural art that captures the energy and raw power of the B-Boy. As part of his crew Unity selections or via his incredible wood carving, Obata has successfully intertwined Hip Hop into his career with breath-taking results. SOFB BOY is a soft vinyl interpretation of an original wooden sculpture by Obata that was digitally scanned for a “Virtual” museum project with ANA in 2016. Unbox was allowed to use the data to produce an exact soft vinyl interpretation of the sculpture that translates the craftmanship of Obata’s original into a new exciting form that allows pose ability and dynamism in the hands of the owner. This particular edition is produced in using high quality glow in the dark soft vinyl that emanates an eye-popping luminescence. Size: 25cm. Articulation: 9 points. Materials: Soft Vinyl.
Chris Lee’s Rhino Beetle (Bubblegum Edition)
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. Christopher Lee is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary designer and illustrator whose design style has led to a multitude of collaborative projects with the likes of Riot Games, Nike ACG, Nickelodeon, Honda & Upper Playground. RHINO BEETLE was originally released as a handmade resin project and was later transformed into a much sought-after soft vinyl interpretation by Unbox Industries. Size: 11cm. Articulation: 1 point. Materials: Painted Soft Vinyl.
Zectron's Bear God
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. The Last Zectron is an underground toy maestro famed for his intense sculpting aesthetic that draws homage from the classic toys of the 80s & 90s & combines it with his own grotesque, hypnotic design style. BEAR GOD is the latest edition of collaborative works by Zectron & Unbox Industries. Size: 12cm Tall. Articulation: 5 points. Material: Soft Vinyl.
Muju World Woodland Tree Spirit
NTWRK Exclusive. Ships in 8 weeks. Mujuworld is a creative partnership based in the south west of the United Kingdom. Mr Muju (Dave) & Miss Muju (Katie) have been working together for over ten years from their art studio by the ocean in St Ives, Cornwall which known for it’s beautiful coastline, fishing villages & ancient mythology. Woodland Spirit is Muju World’s first soft vinyl release with Unbox Industries. SIZE: 11cm Tall. Articulation: 1 point. Materials: Soft Vinyl.