The Hundreds
The Hundreds Greatest Hits
Ep.6 Sticker Pack
A very rare collection of legendary stickers that were thought to be long-gone until we found a secret stash recently. They've been maintained in perfect condition and are ready to totally defile. the shell of that bright, shiny Macbook you have. From TYBG to the iconic Hook-Ups collab, these are some of the most sought-after stickers in The Hundreds history. 2003-2020 Deadstock
Man T-Shirt
Size: M - Though the specific character featured is unknown, his agenda is clear. This Bobby Hundreds graphic spoke to white collar crime, corporate greed, and the good and evil of capitalism. Eat the rich.
Globe T-Shirt
Size: M - A classic design for The Hundreds Archive.
Duck Canvas Jacket
Size: L - Canvas Zip-up Jacket with snap enclosures.
Burnin T-Shirt
Size: XL - One of five T-shirts we released as part of our collaboration with Delorean Motor Corporation in 2009, this graphic was a rip of classic hot rod tees and is still one of our most legendary and sought after pieces. The Delorean is Bobby's favorite car, made famous by Bobby's favorite movie, so this collaboration was a dream project for our co-founder, and you can even read the amazing story of when he went to visit the Delorean plant in Texas on The Hundreds Blog.
Ole-H T-Shirt
Size: XL - An OG shirt in The Hundreds arsenal, the Ole-H T-Shirt draws inspiration from ole-english lettering and was an earlier logo identifier for the brand.
Bebe T-Shirt
Size: M - In 1992, a seminal animated film called Bebe's Kids hit theaters, based on the stand-up comedy of the late Robin Harris, who passed two years before the film was released. With characters voiced by Faizon Love, Vanessa Bell Carter, Marques Houston, and Tone Loc, the film finds Robin and his prospective date Jamika taking Jamika's kid as well as her friend Bebe's kids to an amusement park, where they wreak havoc the entire day. The film is a cult classic and a favorite of Bobby and Ben's. The Hundreds attempted to license an official collab with the film but were unsuccessful, so they paid tribute with this unofficial rip instead. It has become one of the more sought after T-shirts in The Hundreds history and now you have the chance to babysit Bebe's Kids yourself. RIP Robin Harris
Jun Cha Adam Bomb T-Shirt
Size: XL - Artist and Tattooer Jun Cha's take on Adam Bomb. We actually hosted the exhibit that showcased the original pieces that provided the basis for our collaboration back in 2009. The art show featured the L.A.-based artist, but was also a tribute to the Black & Gray masters including Mr. Cartoon, Jack Rudy, Baby Ray, and Jose Lopez. Jun Cha is one of the most in-demand artists and tattooers today know for his realism inspired by greek and roman sculpture.
Funky Resurgence T-Shirt
Size: M - Bobby calls Rick Klotz one of his biggest inspirations in streetwear, and it's hard to argue that the Freshjive and Reserve founder is anything but a pioneer and a force to be reckoned with in this industry. So when Bobby first went to visit Rick at Freshjive headquarters in the early days of The Hundreds, it was tough to muster up the courage to ask him if he'd ever reissue some of his biggest hits from back in the day that Bobby had long-since worn out, notably his Tide rip or his Raw Vibes fruit graphic. To Bobby's surprise, Rick replied to his question with another question: "Why don't you do it?" So The Hundreds did, and the two shirts became not only one of the first heavy hitter collaborations but also remain some of the most difficult pieces to get your hands on. Luckily for you, we put in the work and found a deadstock Tide rip Freshjive collab piece in the archive so you can level up your own collection. To be honest, if you're still reading this, the shirt is probably gone. Make moves.
Monolith T-Shirt
Size: M - 2001: Space Odyssey is one of the most influential sci-fi films of all time. This t-shirt pre-dates our official Stanley Kubrick collab with a bootleg rendition of the monolith.